What is a breyer horse

What is a breyer horse

What are Breyer horses worth?

A rare model, for example, such as a Woodgrain Family Arabian Mare is worth over $1,800. A palomino colored Family Arabian Stallion produced that same year is probably worth only around $20.

How many Breyer horse models are there?

You’re in for a surprise each time you open one of these Mini Whinnies Surprise packs! There are 18 different horses to collect, including the special golden “Treasure” horse!

What are Breyer horses made of?

Founded in 1950, the company, now a division of Reeves International, Inc, specializes in model horses made from cellulose acetate, a form of plastic, and produces other animal models from the same material as well. Less well known are its porcelain horse figures, which are aimed at the adult collector market.

Are Breyer Horses collectible?

Breyer models are collectibles, and as such, condition is EVERYTHING to collectors. It is as important as rarity in determining a value!

What is the most expensive Breyer horse?

Because that $22,000 model horse is without a doubt the best plastic model horse ever produced. Incredible color, incredible mold. His real horse counterpart would be well into the six figures,” lifelong hobbyist Erin Corbett explained.

Does Walmart sell Breyer Horses?

Breyer Sport Horse Family (Breyer Classics Horses) – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Where can I sell Breyer Horses?

Online Buying and Selling:

  • eBay – Thousands of Breyer listings and high traffic make this site very popular but listing fees can be high.
  • Model Horse $ales Pages – MH$P offers text and photo ads at little to no cost. …
  • Haynet Exchange – The most active email list for the buying, selling, and trading of model horses.
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Are Breyer Horses hand painted?

Every Breyer model is hand-painted, most beginning from a white base, requiring multiple layers of paint that create the richness of depth and color only Breyer delivers. Just like real horses, no two Breyer models are exactly alike.

How do you get a custom Breyer horse?

Provide a photograph for use in the creation of your horse’s special custom Breyer gift box and certificate of authenticity. Provide a 125 word write up about your horse and his achievements for placement on the custom gift box. Provide three options for dates or a time frame for your personal factory tour.

What was the first Breyer horse ever made?

Glade Park, Colo. In 1950, a Chicago-based plastics manufacturing company called the Breyer Molding Company, owned by Sam Stone and his partner Charles Schiff, produced its first model horse, the No. 57 Western Horse.

How do I value my horse?

“To get a dollar-value-per-point,” Michelle explains, “add up all the sales prices on the comparables and divide that number by the total number of points the comparables scored. Multiply the number of points your horse scored by the dollar-value-per-point and you have a good rough estimate of what your horse is worth.

How are Breyer horses painted?

Breyer model horses, which begin as artist’s sculptures, are handcrafted and hand-painted with airbrushes and paintbrushes – a process which is still done by human hands, not machines. … Our leading equine experts select the right breed for the right time.

How do you store Breyer Horses?

The best thing to wrap your models in is cotton fabric. This is available at most fabric stores as “Muslin” (I prefer the unbleached muslin) or you can use clean, old, teeshirts. Original Finish models are fairly durable, but its a good idea to wrap them with a little bit more to keep them safe.

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