How to get a free horse on star stable

How to get a free horse on star stable

How do you get a horse on Star Stable?

Different breeds will be placed at Fort Pinta, Marley’s Stables outside Silverglade Village, Valedale, and at Firgrove. You can click on the individual horses to get more information about them. In the information window about the horse there will be a button to purchase the horse and a price for that particular horse.

What is the best horse to get on Star Stable?

Curly horse

Can you buy horses with jorvik shillings?

Horses, for example, can only be bought with Star Coins, whereas some items, such as clothes or tack for your horse, can be paid for with Jorvik Shillings. … There is no limit to the amount of Star Coins that you can have, but the maximum amount of Jorvik Shillings is 10,000.

How much is a fjord horse on Star Stable?

You’ll find one of them in Fort Pinta, and two in Valedale. How much do they cost? 850 Star Coins.

What is the max level in Star Stable?


Why is Star stable so expensive?

Why so expensive? It’s very (purposely) misleading – in Star Stable Horses, kids can change horse names for free at any time; but when they try the same thing in SSO, it costs a lot of coins or real money. It seems like a bait-and-switch, all the worse when you know it’s a game aimed at children.

Where is Ferdinand’s horse market in Star Stable 2020?

– Ferdinand and Eddie runs a horse market with which they travel around Jorvik. Recently they arrived to Jorvik Stables in Jarlaheim, where they’ve set up the market at the arena. Make sure you ride there and check them out before they pack up and go someplace else!

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Where is the American Quarter Horse in Star Stable?

The Generation 3 American Quarter Horse! Where can I get it? You’ll find one horse in Fort Pinta and three at Starshine Ranch!

Can you sell horses in SSO?

Place the horse you want to sell in your pasture and double-click on it. Remove all equipment, including the horseshoes from the horse’s Character Sheet. Click on Sell this horse! You will receive 2500 Jorvik Shillings for the sale of your horse.

How do you get starcoins in SSO?

You cannot earn Star Coins. Depending on your Star Rider subscription you can receive Star Coins as a weekly allowance every weekend and additional Star Coins can be purchased from our website. You can also find special promotions on Star Coins in the Star Stable Store.

Do you have to be a star rider to get star coins?

Star Coins cannot be obtained in game; they have to be bought from the game’s official website. Star Riders receive 100 Star Coins every Saturday until the player’s subscription runs out.

Where are the Trakehner in SSO?

Trakehners are sold for 750 SC and can be found in the following locations: Bay – Silverglade Equestrian Center. Black – Goldenleaf Stables. Black Pinto – Ferdinand’s Horse Market.

Where can I buy Lusitanos SSO?

Lusitanos are sold for 949 SC and can be found at the following locations:

  • Black – Steve’s Farm.
  • Dark Bay – Silverglade Equestrian Center.
  • Flea Bitten Grey – Jorvik Stables – Limited Release.
  • Light Grey – Silverglade Equestrian Center.
  • Liver Chestnut – Jorvik Stables – Limited Release.
  • Palomino – Steve’s Farm.

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