How to draw anthro horse

How to draw anthro horse

What is the easiest animal to draw realistically?

Tutorial Library

  • Beetle (Hercules)
  • Blue (Jurassic World)
  • Bluebird.
  • Blue Tit Bird.
  • Brachiosaurus (Cartoon)
  • British Shorthair Cat.
  • Bulldog (Head Detail)
  • Bull Terrier.

How can I improve my furry art?

Here are 5 tips if you’d like to keep your art improving steadily:

  1. Draw all the time, as often as you can. …
  2. Step out of your comfort zone and draw something you’ve never drawn. …
  3. Look for inspiration. …
  4. Don’t compare your art to other artists work. …
  5. Don’t pressure yourself or burn yourself out.

How do you draw a horse head?


  1. Draw a large eye with a spot.
  2. Start the head as shown.
  3. Add the top of the head and neck.
  4. Add two ears.
  5. Draw the mouth shape around the nose.
  6. Erase the inside line. Add the nostril and lip line.
  7. Add a mane and back line.
  8. Erase the gray head lines. Draw shadows with dark brown crayon.

How do you start drawing animals?

Basic rules for drawing animals

  1. Try to take your own photographs. It’s always better to draw from photographs you’ve taken yourself. …
  2. Don’t be afraid to erase. If I miss, then I take a kneaded eraser and lightly rub out the pencil marks. …
  3. Eyes. …
  4. Nose. …
  5. Mouth or muzzle.

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