When Were The Olmecs Around? (Solution found)

Olmec, the first elaborate pre-Columbian civilization of Mesoamerica (c. 1200–400 bce) and one that is thought to have set many of the fundamental patterns evinced by later American Indian cultures of Mexico and Central America, notably the Maya and the Aztec. How long were the Olmecs around? Overview: The Olmec lived along the Gulf Coast
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Cultures throughout Mesoamerica played games using rubber balls, and the tradition extended to the Caribbean and the southwestern United States. Mesoamerican peoples played many types of ballgames, with different rules and styles of play. Which pack animal was used to bring in crops in the Andes? Along with maize and potatoes, the Chavin people also
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Like many early Mesoamerican cultures, the Olmec believed in three tiers of existence: the physical realm they inhabited, an underworld and a sky realm, home of most of the gods. Their world was bound together by the four cardinal points and natural boundaries such as rivers, the ocean and mountains. What religious practices do the
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