What States Did The Cherokee Tribe Live In? (Solved)

What States Did The Cherokee Tribe Live In? (Solved)

Originally located in the southeastern United States in parts of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina, the Cherokee Nation was forced to relocate to Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in 1838 after gold was discovered in our homelands.

What states did the Cherokee tribe make up?

Prior to the 18th century, they were concentrated in their homelands, in towns along river valleys of what is now southwestern North Carolina, southeastern Tennessee, edges of western South Carolina, northern Georgia and northeastern Alabama. The Cherokee language is part of the Iroquoian language group.

How many states were part of the original Cherokee lands?

The Cherokee originally lived in parts of eight present-day southeastern states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. In 2007 tribal lands of the Cherokee Nation spanned 124,000 acres throughout 14 counties in northeastern Oklahoma.

Where is the Cherokee tribe region?

Where do the Cherokee Indians live? The Cherokees are original residents of the American southeast region, particularly Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Where is the Cherokee tribe originally from?

Traditional, linguistic, and archeological evidence shows that the Cherokee originated in the north, but they were found in possession of the south Allegheny region when first encountered by De Soto in 1540. Their relations with the Carolina colonies began 150 years later.

Where did the Cherokee live in Georgia?

Cherokee Society The Cherokees occupied a common homeland in the southern Appalachian Mountains known in Georgia as the Blue Ridge, including much of the northern third of the land that would become Georgia.

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Where do most Cherokee live today?

Most Cherokees live in close-knit communities in eastern Oklahoma or the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, but a considerable number live throughout North America and in cities such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Toronto.

How long did the Cherokee live in Georgia?

The Cherokee people had lived in Georgia in what is now the southeastern United States for thousands of years. In 1542, Hernando de Soto conducted an expedition through the southeastern United States and came into contact with at least three Cherokee villages.

What type of homes did the Cherokee live in?

The Cherokee Indians lived in villages. They built circular homes made of river cane, sticks, and plaster. They covered the roofs with thatch and left a small hole in the center to let the smoke out. The Cherokees also built larger seven-sided buildings for ceremonial purposes.

How many Cherokee died on the Trail of Tears?

They were not allowed time to gather their belongings, and as they left, whites looted their homes. Then began the march known as the Trail of Tears, in which 4,000 Cherokee people died of cold, hunger, and disease on their way to the western lands.

Where did the Cherokee live in South Carolina?

4,000 years ago, ancestors of The Cherokee migrated from the American southwest to the Great Lakes region. After wars with the Delaware and Iroquois tribes of that area, the Cherokee made a permanent home in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and in South Carolina’s foothills.

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Where did the Cherokee tribe live in Tennessee?

The Overhill town of Chota, in present-day Monroe County, Tennessee, was recognized as the de facto capital and mother town of the entire Cherokee Nation for most of the 18th century, when it was the major settlement.

Where did the Cherokee live in North Carolina?

Today’s Cherokee Indians Today, about 9,000 members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians dwell on 57,000 acres in the North Carolina Mountains known as the Qualla Boundary, and on smaller parcels to the west.

Where did the Cherokee live in West Virginia?

Cherokees who were active in West Virginia were almost always members of the Overhill towns, one of five clusters of villages among which their people were distributed. The Overhill Cherokees lived along the Little Tennessee River in East Tennessee.

Are there any full blooded Cherokee left?

Yes there are still full blood Cherokees. My mother was full and I have many family members that are full blood. The term is full blood not full blooded. There are 3 federally recognized tribes.

What language did Cherokee speak?

Cherokee language, Cherokee name Tsalagi Gawonihisdi, North American Indian language, a member of the Iroquoian family, spoken by the Cherokee (Tsalagi) people originally inhabiting Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

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