What Is The Name Of Indians State Butterfly ? (Solution found)

What Is The Name Of Indians State Butterfly ? (Solution found)

Papilio polymnestor, the blue Mormon, is a large swallowtail butterfly found in south India and Sri Lanka. It is the “state butterfly” of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Papilio polymnestor.

Blue Mormon
Genus: Papilio
Species: P. polymnestor
Binomial name
Papilio polymnestor Cramer, 1775

Which is the first state butterfly in India?

  • Vanadevatha (Malabar Trim Nimph), Pulli Vaalan (Malabar Banded Swallowtail) and Malabar Rose (Pachliopta Pandiyana) were the others in the list. Vanadevatha entered the final round along with Budha Mayoori. Maharashtra is the first state to have a state butterfly.

Which states have state butterfly in India?

An elusive swallowtail butterfly carrying ‘India’ in its name and found in next-door China will become the State butterfly of Arunachal Pradesh.

What is the Indian name of butterfly?

Titli (Indian origin) meaning “butterfly”. It is a common name in the Indian subcontinent.

What is the name of national butterfly?

Orange Oakleaf (Kallima inachus): The Orange Oakleaf is a large, colorful butterfly with a beautiful deep blue sheen and a striking orange band on the upper side of its wings, making it immediately recognizable.

Which is the largest butterfly in India?

A Himalayan butterfly named Golden Birdwing is India’s largest, a record an unknown specimen had held for 88 years.

What is Tamil Nadu state butterfly?

Tamil Nadu has declared the Tamil Yeoman butterfly species as the state butterfly. It is also known as Tamil maravan which means warrior. It is endemic to Western Ghats.

Which is the 1st state in India to have state butterfly?

Maharashtra became the first state in the country to have state butterfly. Maharashtra government declared Blue Mormon as the state butterfly.

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How many butterfly are there in India?

More than 17, 000 species of butterflies are found all over the world. Of these, India is home to about 1500 species of butterflies which constitute 65% of total Indian fauna. The largest butterfly with a wing span of 190mm is the Southern Birdwing and the tiniest is the Grass Jewel with a 15mm wingspan.

Which is the national insect of India?

The national insect of India is Butterfly. You will come across several species of butterflies in India. The butterflies from the family Papilionidae or Swallowtails are considered the national insect of India. The family Papilionidae consists of 550 species.

What is the largest butterfly in the world?

The Queen Alexandra Birdwing (Ornithoptera alexandrae) is the largest living butterfly, with a wingspan that stretches almost a foot across. One the rarest butterflies in the world, it’s found only in the rain forests of New Guinea.

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