How to make a horse wreath

How to make a horse wreath

How do you draw a horse head?


  1. Draw a large eye with a spot.
  2. Start the head as shown.
  3. Add the top of the head and neck.
  4. Add two ears.
  5. Draw the mouth shape around the nose.
  6. Erase the inside line. Add the nostril and lip line.
  7. Add a mane and back line.
  8. Erase the gray head lines. Draw shadows with dark brown crayon.

What materials do you need to make a wreath?

More videos on YouTube

  1. WIRE CUTTERS – A good pair of wire cutters is absolutely essential in wreath making! …
  2. Scissors – You will need a good, sharp pair of scissors to cut your ribbon. …
  3. High Temp Glue Gun – Probably one of the most necessary tools in wreath making is a glue gun.

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