How to feed horse rdr2

How to feed horse rdr2

How do you choose what you feed your horse rdr2?

User Info: DaSnackBandit. Hold L1 next to your horse and scroll to the horse wheel. Option on the left has food that your horse can eat — press R2 to scroll through the options until you find the mushrooms.

How do I feed my horse carrots in rdr2?

To feed your horse, approach it, and then press L2/LT to interact with it. Then, press right on the directional pad to feed it something from your inventory. Your character will default to something that benefits animals more than people, like oats, or carrots.

How do you give a horse stimulant in rdr2?

Hold L1 go into horse menu and feed stimulant and food from there.

What do you do with wild horses in rdr2?

How to Tame Wild Horses

  1. Find a herd. You can find bands of wild horses in several locations around the world, particularly roaming the central Heartlands, Cumberland Forest and the woods surrounding the Wapati Reservation in The Grizzlies. …
  2. Approach slowly. …
  3. Lasso the horse. …
  4. Mount the Horse. …
  5. Saddle, stable or sell the horse.

How do you catch the wild horse in rdr2?

Just keep chasing them until they get a little tired or back themselves into a corner. Once you’ve got the horse on the rope, you can then press X to calm them as you slowly approach. Once you get near enough to the horse you can mount them by pressing the Y button.

What is the best saddle in rdr2?

SaddlesSaddle NameCore Stam DrainStam RegenKneller Mother Hubbard Saddle (Improved)+12%+12%Lumley Ranch Cutter Saddle (Stock)+4%+6%Lumley Ranch Cutter Saddle (Improved)+12%+14%Kneller Dakota Saddle (Stock)+8%+6%

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Where is the best horse in rdr2?

Where to find the best horse. You will find Lake Isabella in the western Grizzlies in the state of Ambarino — the snowy, mountainous area in the far northwest corner of Red Dead Redemption 2’s map. The white Arabian horse hangs out on the western bank of the lake.

How do you unlock fast travel in Red Dead 2?

Fast travel won’t be available to you when you start Chapter 2, and has to be unlocked by progressing through the story, and then unlocking a few camp upgrades. First, play through to mission Money Lending and Other Sins. Hand in your first debt, and you’ll learn about the Ledger, allowing you to upgrade your camp.

What does horse meal do rdr2?

Horse Meals

Effects: Replenishes horse’s stamina and health.

How do you use the horse ointment in rdr2?

Next to a horse or on the horse, press and hold L1, go to horse tab (tab R1 twice (2)) and use right analog stick (point it to right -> and hold it there) and press R2 to find Horse Ointment, release L1.

Why can’t I use horse medicine rdr2?

Hold L1 and tap R1 twice to the horse menu. … Medicine might be greyed out if your horse is healthy unless you’re trying to overstim which is a thing.

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