What does the name asuna mean?

What does the name asuna mean?

How do you say asuna in Japanese?

Pronunciation: Ah-Soo-nah.

What does the name Kazuto mean?

[ 3 syll. ka-zu-to, kaz-uto ] The baby boy name Kazuto is pronounced as KAA-Zuw-Tow- †. Kazuto is used predominantly in Japanese and it is also derived from Japanese origins. Kazuto’s meaning is harmonious person. Kazuto is uncommon as a baby name for boys.

What does kirito mean in Japanese?

According to a user from Pennsylvania, U.S., the name Kirito is of Japanese origin and means “Blade Also Strong And Powerful”. According to a user from California, U.S., the name Kirito means “sword”.

What does name Yuki mean?

Yuki as a girl’s name is of Japanese origin. Yuki means “snow”.

What is asuna famous for?

Asuna is a strong-willed, accomplished player known in-game as the “Flash” for her extraordinary fast sword skill. Later, she falls in love with Kirito and they marry in-game.

How do you pronounce kirito?

Phonetic spelling of Kirito. kir-i-to. Kir-ito. Meanings for Kirito. is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Sword Art Online series of light novels written by Reki Kawahara. Examples of in a sentence. Kirito was late for school. Translations of Kirito. Japanese: キリト

Is Kazuto a real name?

Kazuto (written: 一翔, 一人, 一登, 一仁, 一斗, 一刀, 和人, 麗斗 or カズト in katakana) is a masculine Japanese given name. Notable people with the name include: Kazuto (カズト), Japanese guitarist, member of the rock band High and Mighty Color. Kazuto Doi (土居 一斗, born 1992), Japanese sailor.

What is the meaning of harmonious?

1: having agreement among musical components: musically concordant harmonious voices. 2: having the parts agreeably related: congruous blended into a harmonious whole harmonious medley of small vaulted chambers— Norman Douglas.

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What are some Japanese last names?

Japan’s top 100 most common family names Sato. Suzuki. Takahashi. Tanaka. Watanabe. Ito. Yamamoto. Nakamura.

Why is kirito hated?

He is too overpowered and has a harem for absolutely no reason at all plus he is an extremely boring character who drags down what could have been an interesting setting if not for him being basically invincible just for the sake of it. He’s Saitama without the personality or humor.

Is kirito dead?

Yes, it may sound stupid, but really. It says in the manga. Kirito has so determined to end the virtual world of SAO, that he had to destroy the system to revive himself. The reason they didn’t die is because it takes some time between the moment you die in game and the moment your brain is fried in real life.

Is kirito a girl in Sao?

While Kirito is obviously a male, he is given a female avatar in GGO because of a system error when the AmuSphere headset was interpreting his brainwaves.

Who does Yuki end up with?

Yuki first ends up with Kaname, but after he sacrificed his heart to create more anti-vampire weapons, she ends up with Zero who helped her raise her and Kaname’s daughter Ai Kuran. Zero and Yuki then end up having a son named Ren Kiryu.

Can Yuki be a last name?

Yūki (written: 結城, 夕樹, 結木, etc.) is a Japanese surname. Aira Yuhki (born 1981), Japanese singer. Yuki Hide a.k.a. Hideyuki Hirano (1940–1998), Japanese singer. Yūki Hideyasu (1574–1607), Japanese daimyō

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What does Mika mean in Japanese?

Mika Origin and Meaning The name Mika is a girl’s name of Hungarian, Japanese, Russian origin meaning “beautiful fragrance”. Mika is a Japanese girls’ name that translates easily to English. As a male name, it’s a short form of Mikael, the Scandinavian and Finnish form of Michael.

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