Readers ask: When push comes to shove?

Readers ask: When push comes to shove?

How do you use push comes to shove in a sentence?

Examples of ‘when push comes to shove’ in a sentence when push comes to shove On oath, when push comes to shove. But when push comes to shove, it is the U. S. Carrier Battle Group, the fortress at sea, that matters. Leinster, so inconsistent when push comes to shove, remain the unknown quantity.

Where does the phrase when push comes to shove come from?

8 Answers. According to this site, this term comes from rugby, where, after an infraction of rules, forwards from each team face off and push against one another.

What does push come to shove mean?

When push comes to shove is an American idiom that describes that critical time when a decision must be made, when a commitment must be made, when action must be taken to back up words. The phrase when push comes to shove carries the connotation of escalation, a push being milder than a shove.

What is the meaning of when the chips are down?

informal.: in a difficult situation: when things are not good True friends will stand by you when the chips are down.

When all is said and done meaning?

: after considering or doing everything —used for a final general statement or judgment It won’t be easy, but when all is said and done, we’ll be glad we did it.

What does the idiom drawing a blank mean?

Fail to find or remember something, as in He looks familiar but I’ve drawn a blank on his name. This expression alludes to drawing a lottery ticket with nothing on it (so one cannot win a prize). [

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What is the difference between pushing and shoving?

When used as verbs, push means to apply a force to (an object) such that it moves away from the person or thing applying the force, whereas shove means to push, especially roughly or with force.

What is meant by shove?

transitive verb. 1: to push along. 2: to push or put in a rough, careless, or hasty manner: thrust. 3: to force by other than physical means: compel shove a bill through the legislature.

Who choreographed push comes to shove?

In 1973 Tharp choreographed Deuce Coupe to the music of The Beach Boys for the Joffrey Ballet. Deuce Coupe is considered the first crossover ballet. Later she choreographed Push Comes to Shove (1976), which featured Mikhail Baryshnikov and is now thought to be the best example of crossover ballet.

When worst comes to worst meaning?

phrase. You use if the worst comes to the worst to say what you might do if a situation develops in the most unfavourable way possible. The form if worst comes to worst is also used, mainly in American English.

What does two bit mean when he says the chips are all turned down when its our turn?

When a situation has become especially difficult, desperate, or hard to recover from. The expression alludes to having a low amount of poker chips, which means that one may soon lose. You can tell a lot about a person’s character from how they act when the chips are down.

What does industriousness mean?

1: constantly, regularly, or habitually active or occupied: diligent an industrious worker.

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What does like it or lump it mean in slang?

informal. If you tell someone to like it or lump it, you mean that person must accept a situation they do not like, because it cannot be changed: Like it or lump it, romantic fiction is read regularly by thousands.

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