Readers ask: What to wear to an interview at journeys?

Readers ask: What to wear to an interview at journeys?

Does journeys have a dress code?

Very laid back, business casual, street wear, journeys shoes. Piercings, colored hair, and tattoos accepted. Dress code is chill, casual, skater-type clothes. Just fit the vibe of the store basically.

What do you wear to a shoe store interview?

Collared shirts and slacks are suitable for sales associate applicants. For footwear, applicants may wear dress shoes or shoes found in stores. Wearing shoes sold at store locations to the interview shows an interest in the company and passion for athletic footwear.

How long does it take to get hired at journeys?

1-2 weeks, paperwork, interviews and training. It depends on what position you’re applying for.

How should I dress for a walk in interview?

As a general rule, it’s always better to be a little over-dressed in a casual interview, or any interview. You don’t want to walk in wearing jeans when the interviewer or hiring manager is wearing a dress shirt and slacks. So if in doubt, dress up. At the very least, wear “business casual” – dress shirt, tucked in.

Does journeys get paid weekly?

I actually work at journeys now and we get paid weekly!

What questions do they ask at a Journeys interview?

Candidates for managerial roles often respond to: “How well do you work in a team setting?” and “Are you able to work holidays and weekends?” Questions regarding leadership, conflict resolution, and company policy also come up during Journeys job interviews.

What questions do they ask at a Footlocker interview?

According to our research, hiring managers at Foot Locker ask soft skills interview questions 50% more than at other companies. How would you handle a customer with difficult behavior? Tell me about yourself. What is your greatest weakness? Tell me about a time when you’ve resolved a problem for a frustrated customer.

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Is it OK to wear black jeans to an interview?

Stick to neutral colors like grey, black, brown and navy blue, since these match many shirt colors. In some workplaces, it may be acceptable to wear dark-colored jeans. If you’re not sure if jeans are appropriate in this office, wear chinos or dress pants instead.

Can you wear leggings to an interview?

Wear tights or pants. You can always wear the leggings with tights underneath and change in the bathroom before the interview. Once you have the job, you can wear whatever you want within the rules of the workplace. Until then, it’s best to play it safe – and leave the leggings at home.

Is working at Journeys hard?

It’s a difficult and busy job, but with the right team it’s very fun. I would never recommend working at a journeys in Idaho OR Utah. They train you to do several different jobs, pretend like it’s an advancement, when they essentially just make you do several different jobs, but pay you the same money.

How do you answer why should I hire you?

“Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you ‘re looking for. I’m pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It’s not just my background in the past projects, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position.

Do journeys employees get free shoes?

3 answers. I received 2 pairs of free shoes working for journeys. Yes they gave free shoes for the season.

What not to say in a job interview?

7 Things Not To Say in a Job Interview [Guest Blog] Don’t mention money. Don’t badmouth your current company. Don’t be cocky. Don’t apologise for being early. Don’t use bad language. Don’t tell them you’re nervous. Don’t be too shy to ask questions.

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Is Walk in Interview good?

Open job interviews are one of the types of job interviews that can be the most challenging to participate in. On the plus side, employers often hold walk-in interviews when they have multiple openings to fill, so you still should have a good chance of getting hired even if there are a lot of other candidates.

How is walk in interview done?

Just as the name suggests, in a walk-in interview, a candidate can simply walk into the interview venue without taking any prior appointment. Walk-in interviews are generally conducted by companies on selected dates and time-slots for the initial screening of candidates.

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