Readers ask: What does mein gott mean?

Readers ask: What does mein gott mean?

Who does Mein Gott mean?

: (Oh) my God!

What is the meaning of Gott?

: God (is) with us — compare nobiscum deus.

What does mien mean in German?

mien (also: face, air, expression, countenance)

What language is mein gott?

Translate “mein Gott” from German to English.

Where do they say Gruss Gott?

The expression grüß Gott (German pronunciation: [ɡʁyːs ˈɡɔt]; from grüß dich Gott, originally ‘(may) God bless ( you )’) is a greeting, less often a farewell, in Southern Germany and Austria (more specifically the Upper German Sprachraum, especially in Bavaria, Franconia, Swabia, Austria, and South Tyrol).

What does Goty stand for?

GOTY is an acronym used in the gaming community and industry. It means Game of the Year. This is typically a list or a single game named at the end of the year by publications or fans of video-game entertainment.

What is a mein?

noun.: a seasoned stew of shredded or diced meat, mushrooms, and vegetables that is usually served with fried noodles.

What does disconsolate mean?

adjective. without consolation or solace; hopelessly unhappy; inconsolable: Loss of her pet dog made her disconsolate. characterized by or causing dejection; cheerless; gloomy: disconsolate prospects.

What is the meaning of scupper?

1: an opening cut through the bulwarks of a ship so that water falling on deck may flow overboard. 2: an opening in the wall of a building through which water can drain from a floor or flat roof. scupper. verb. scuppered; scuppering; scuppers.

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