Readers ask: How big can you stretch your ears before its irreversible?

Readers ask: How big can you stretch your ears before its irreversible?

What size gauge can you not go back from?

The so-called “point of no return,” which is the size or gauge after which you will not be able to go back to original size, is a range between 0g and 4g for the majority.

What size can I stretch my ear to before it won’t go back?

Most people can go between 2g (6mm) – 00g (10mm) and expect their ears to revert back to a normal piercing, after a few months of healing. If you want don’t want stretched ears forever, be sure to stretch slowly and never skip sizes.

Will 8mm stretched ear close?

Because your ear lobes have healed around the tunnel, plug, or taper you used to stretch the ear, your ears will never completely close. Keep in mind that your best expectation is to shrink the size of the holes. If you experienced tearing, infections, or blowouts, your ears may not shrink as much.

Will a stretched ear go back to normal?

If you stretch your lobe to 00g or smaller, you are a much better candidate for your ear going back to “normal “. If you stretched your ear a year ago or a few months ago, your ear has a much better chance of shrinking back to its original size than if it has been stretched and fully healed for several years.

Can I use Vaseline to gauge my ears?

In a pinch you can use Vaseline or a generic petroleum jelly, but it’s really not the best choice. Step 3: Get Stretching! The very best time to stretch your ears is when you have just stepped out of a hot shower.

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Can I leave tapers in overnight?

This is painful and incredibly unpleasant and bloody. Repeat until you get the taper all the way in. Leave it for at least a couple of hours, ideally overnight. Later or in the morning, keep pushing the taper out and insert your sterilized plug with your clean hands.

What the biggest size you can stretch your ears and still close up?

What size can I stretch up to without permanent damage? There are a lot of different opinions on this topic, but the majority of professionals in the body modification industry recommend never going any larger than 2 – 0 gauge if you want your ears to totally close up where you can ‘t see through them.

Does gauging your ears hurt?

Ear gauging, also known as ear stretching, is a process where the ear is gradually stretched out for the purpose of wearing larger piercings. Even though ear gauging has grown in popularity in recent years, it is still a painful process that could result in unwanted effects and the need for ear gauging surgical repair.

Are stretched ears permanent?

If you’re stretching your ears, consider it to be a final decision. Everyone is different, there is no universal point of no return, some people can stretch large and still shrink down, some people stretch to a 4g and it never gets smaller. Stretching should be considered permanent.

How can I shrink my stretched ears without surgery?

Try Without Surgery First Gradually decrease the size of the gauge you wear. Go down one size, and wait until the size shrinks up around that smaller gauge. Once it fits properly, go down another size until you reach the smallest gauge. Once you reach this point, your hole should be able to close on its own.

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How much does it cost to close up stretched ears?

In general, the cost of earlobe surgery ranges from about $400 to $900, although it can be higher for more extensive tears. The procedure is not typically covered by insurance, as it is purely cosmetic. If the cost is prohibitive, ask your surgeon about financing plans.

Will 16mm ears close?

There’s no hard-fast rule for this. Some people can ‘t turn back once they hit 0g while others with more elastic skin (like myself) can take their 16mm or 18mm plugs for a few hours and they practically close up in a visual sense, by this I mean you won’t really have any weird looking dangling skin.

How long does a stretched ear take to heal?

Give your ears at least 4 to 6 weeks to heal in between stretching. Yes, 4 to 6 weeks is a long time to wait for something, but patience really is a virtue in this case. You risk damaging the only ears you have if you go too fast! The tissue needs time to heal and regain the elasticity needed to keep stretching.

Can your ear canal get smaller?

Narrowing of the ear canal If you have long-term (chronic) otitis externa, thick and dry skin can build up inside your ear canal. This causes the ear canal to narrow (stenosis), which may affect your hearing and, in rare cases, can even cause deafness. However, it can usually be treated with ear drops.

Can you shrink stretched earlobes?

Your earlobes have most likely built up some scar tissue in that time and shrinkage will be more difficult to achieve. This means your ears will downsize slightly, but it may be difficult to shrink them to even half the size you ‘re at.

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