Quick Answer: What to give robot rick?

Quick Answer: What to give robot rick?

What do I give robot Rick in pocket Mortys?

Once the Supercharged Battery is crafted, give it to Robot Rick and he will give you a Level Up Mega Seed. During the second Robot Rick side quest he will need a new Motherboard after your Supercharged Battery destroys his original. You can craft a Motherboard using spare junk and the recipe listed here.

What do you give guard Rick?

After winning 31 badges Guard Rick will ask you to create something to keep the Mortys at Morty Daycare occupied. You can craft and give him the Gwendolyn Doll (Recipe #23) to complete the side quest “Behind Every Lover, There is a Rick ” and earn a reward.

What do you give Dandy Rick for his flying car?

After winning 16 badges Dandy Rick will ask you for more fuel for his car. You need to craft and give him a Dark Matter Ball to help him out. You can look up the crafting recipes for a Dark Matter Ball here. It requires that you craft a Dark Energy Ball first.

What do you give Jerry the second time in pocket Mortys?

Jerry will give you a Mr. Meeseeks Box in return for helping him.

What’s my purpose you pass butter?

Moments after completing its task, the Robot repeats, ” What is my purpose?” Rick clarifies that it passes butter. It looks down realizing its sole reason for existence is for something so mundane and says “Oh my god.” Rick responds “Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.”

What type is double Morty?

This Morty made the mistake of holding a penny while standing too close to the bio-magnetic field of the Morty Multiplication Generator that his Rick created. Forums.

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Height 5’2″ Weight 134.7 lbs
Type Scissors Evo. Tier 1

What does plush suit Morty?

Plush Suit Morty wants to give the other Mortys a distraction from their horrible lives.

What does the Gwendolyn doll do in Pocket Mortys?

Used in crafting. Crafted at crafting stations. Will keep you company, always.

How many quests are there in pocket Mortys?

The pocket mortys quests are all about for recharge your battery. There are nineteen different quests are available in this game. When you have used the quest perfectly in the battle you can level up your mega seeds and you may get other helpful weapons to you from the other ricks or players.

How do you get the one true Morty?

The One True Morty is a version of Morty Smith in Pocket Mortys and the 82nd Morty in the Morty Deck. It can only be aquired by evolving Egg Morty to level 20.

What do you give for Flargo?

After winning 20 badges Flargo will ask you to help him escape his clone by manipulating time. You need to craft and give him a Time Crystal to receive his reward.

What does egg Morty evolve into?

Campaign Information Egg Morty is a character from Pocket Mortys. This Morty is obtained from Masy Kallerax’s quest, New Chef in the Rickchen. It evolves into the One True Morty once it reaches Level 20.

What does doofus Rick want?

Doofus Rick wants to improve his IQ to become better at Morty battling.

How do you make a love potion in pocket Mortys?

The rick has manufactured that chemical by adding purified fleeb to mutant bacteria cell to get love potion. After Morty injected this chemical to Jessica she will accept his love and they live together.

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