Quick Answer: What is votiva?

Quick Answer: What is votiva?

What is Votiva procedure?

Votiva is a NEW non-surgical treatment for labia and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. It uses radiofrequency energy to treat the inside (vagina) and outside (labia) tissue. It is a treatment for: Elasticity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva. Loosened vaginal canal especially after childbirth.

Is Votiva permanent?

The results of this treatment are long-lasting, but because the body is constantly aging and evolving, it’s not a permanent solution. Most patients maintain their results by returning every year or so for followup treatment.

Does Votiva hurt?

Does Votiva ™ treatments hurt? Votiva ™ uses a laser energy that emits the heat and it does not cause pain. You may feel a mild heating sensation during the treatment. Some patients have mentioned mild discomfort as the device is inserted for the first time, this is usually due to vaginal dryness.

Is Votiva covered by insurance?

The Votiva treatment is not covered by insurance companies. Cash or credit pricing is $1,250 for one treatment or save 20% and purchase 3 treatments for $3,000.

What does Votiva help with?

Votiva is a cutting-edge technology that enhances tightness, muscle tone, and external appearance while effectively treating common issues such as stress incontinence, dryness and discomfort during intercourse.

How effective is Votiva?

Incontinence: Votiva is an effective treatment for incontinence because the thermal energy that the device uses tightens and reshapes tissues both inside and outside the vagina to promote stronger tissues, supporting your bladder control and pelvic floor muscles.

Does Votiva tighten?

Votiva is a revolutionary procedure that can tighten loose skin and tissue, improve overall vaginal appearance, and increase sexual satisfaction. Votiva treatment combines 2 innovative radio frequency devices – FormaV and FractoraV — to tighten loose tissues and reinforce vaginal skin structure and elasticity.

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Does Votiva help with incontinence?

Votiva can help improve your incontinence by tightening both your vaginal tissue and pelvic floor muscles, which may help you gain more control over your bladder and flow of urine.

What is vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy ( atrophic vaginitis) is thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls that may occur when your body has less estrogen. Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause. For many women, vaginal atrophy not only makes intercourse painful but also leads to distressing urinary symptoms.

How much does viveve cost?

Viveve ™ pricing will be set at $3,000 per treatment. This is a one-time treatment, with the option for repeat treatment sessions to maintain tightness in the vaginal walls as years progress.

How much does vaginal rejuvenation cost?

The average cost of vaginal rejuvenation is about $4,750, according to reviews left by patients on RealSelf.com. However, the range in rejuvenation fees can greatly vary based on a number of factors, including: If you’re seeking out surgical or non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

How much does the FemiLift cost?

The average cost of a FemiLift treatment is just over $1,000 per session. This is significantly cheaper than surgical vaginal rejuvenation, which may not be right for everyone.

How do you fix a prolapse without surgery?

Nonsurgical Treatments Pessary. This is probably one of the first treatments your doctor will recommend if you have symptoms of POP. Kegel exercises. These strengthen your pelvic muscles. Biofeedback therapy.

What is Mona Lisa therapy?

MonaLisa Touch is a painless and minimally invasive laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. By gently acting on tissue of the vaginal mucosa, the laser stimulates the production of collagen, improving the functionality of the treated area and restoring the proper trophic balance to the mucous membrane. FIND OUT MORE.

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How do I get my insurance to cover vaginoplasty?

Unfortunately, insurance plans do not cover vaginal rejuvenation or Vaginoplasty, as these are considered elective surgery. Labiaplasty is also considered a cosmetic procedure, more for aesthetics and comfort than for a medical need, and therefore health insurance plans will not usually support these surgeries.

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