Quick Answer: What is clearpass onguard?

Quick Answer: What is clearpass onguard?

What is ClearPass?

ClearPass Onboard provides automated provisioning of any Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Ubuntu devices via a user driven self-guided portal. Required SSIDs, 802.1X settings and security certificates are automatically configured on authorized devices.

How do I update ClearPass OnGuard?

Navigate to Administration > Agents and Software Updates > OnGuard Settings. Configure the OnGuard Settings parameters as described in Table 1, then click Save.

What is ClearPass onboard?

The ClearPass Onboard portal dynamically detects a device’s operating system and guides the user through the appropriate steps. ClearPass Onboard also increases the amount of usable context for troubleshooting user- and device-based policies and compliance reporting per device.

What is the benefit of persistent agents over dissolvable agents?

Persistent and dissolvable agents. The difference between the two is that the persistent agent provides nonstop monitoring and automatic remediation and control. When running persistent OnGuard agents, ClearPass Policy Manager can centrally send system-wide notifications and alerts, and allow or deny network access.

What is ArubaOS?

ArubaOS includes AirMatch and ClientMatch, unique capabilities that monitor and optimize Wi-Fi power, channels, connections and bandwidth across the entire wireless network to improve user experiences.

Is ClearPass a radius server?

The ClearPass Policy Manager server is now included in the RADIUS server group. Click Apply, then from the top of the screen, click Save Configuration. You have now defined the ClearPass server as a RADIUS server, and the RADIUS server is a member of a RADIUS server group.

How do you set up ClearPass on board?

ClearPass Onboard features are part of the Onboard module in the ClearPass Guest application. lets you create and manage the configuration settings that can be provisioned to onboarded devices. To manage configuration settings, go to Onboard > Configuration > Start Here. The index page opens.

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What is the primary use of the ClearPass onboard application?

Overview: ClearPass Onboard automatically provisions and configures personally-owned mobile devices – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android 2.2 and above – enabling them to securely connect to the network in support of BYOD initiatives.

What is NAC in security?

Network Access Control ( NAC ) helps enterprises implement policies for controlling devices and user access to their networks. NAC can set policies for resource, role, device and location-based access and enforce security compliance with security and patch management policies, among other controls.

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