Question: What does the acronym ioe represent?

Question: What does the acronym ioe represent?

What is the name given to amateur hacker?

What name is given to a amateur hacker? Explanation: Script kiddies is a term used to describe inexperienced hackers.

What does the term BYOD represent?

Bring your own device ( BYOD, /ˌbiː waɪ əʊ ˈdiː/)—also called bring your own technology (BYOT), bring your own phone (BYOP), and bring your own personal computer (BYOPC)—refers to being allowed to use one’s personally owned device, rather than being required to use an officially provided device.

What type of an attack can disable a computer?

A cyber attack can maliciously disable computers, steal data, or use a breached computer as a launch point for other attacks. Cybercriminals use a variety of methods to launch a cyber attack, including malware, phishing, ransomware, denial of service, among other methods.

What is an example of an Internet data domain?

In data management and database analysis, a data domain is the collection of values that a data element may contain. For example, a database table that has information about people, with one record per person, might have a “gender” column.

What are two methods that ensure confidentiality?

Data encryption is another common method of ensuring confidentiality. User IDs and passwords constitute a standard procedure; two -factor authentication (2FA) is becoming the norm. Other options include biometric verification and security tokens, key fobs or soft tokens.

What name is given to hackers who hack for a cause group of answer choices?

Answer. The three types of hackers are the white hat hacker, the grey hat hacker, and the black hat hacker. Each type of hacker hacks for a different reason, a cause, or both.

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What is BYOD and why is it important?

Bring Your Own Device ( BYOD ) is a term created to describe the situation where employees are using their own mobile tablets and devices in the workplace. Employees want to use their own smartphones and tablets to work because they believe their mobile applications are necessary to get jobs done.

What does the term vulnerability mean group of answer choices?

Vulnerability in this context can be defined as the diminished capacity of an individual or group to anticipate, cope with, resist and recover from the impact of a natural or man-made hazard. The concept is relative and dynamic.

What does BYOD refer to and what are the implications of this phenomenon?

The latest IT trend in town, BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, is a practice where employees are encouraged to make use of their personal devices to access enterprise systems and data. With this struggle has emerged an increasing desire among employees to carry their own devices for corporate data access.

What are common security threats?

What are the main types of cyber security threats? Distributed denial of service (DDoS) Man in the Middle (MitM) Social engineering. Malware and spyware. Password attacks. Advanced persistent threats (APT)

What are the 4 types of cyber attacks?

Below are some of the most common types of cyber – attacks. Malware. Malware is a type of application that can perform a variety of malicious tasks. Phishing. Man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. SQL injection. Zero-day exploit. DNS Tunnelling. Business Email Compromise (BEC)

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How do hackers attack networks?

Launch Attack: After performing Footprint analysis or Reconnaissance, hacker gain much information about the target network. They can steal or destroy the target network data, bring servers down, or attack another organization using the target network’s systems.

What are three states of data during which data is vulnerable?

What are three states of data during which data is vulnerable? (Choose three.) purged data. stored data. data in-process. data encrypted. data decrypted. data in-transit. Explanation: A cybersecurity specialist must be aware of each of the three states of data to effectively protect data and information.

What is another name for confidentiality of information?

What is another name for confidentiality of information? Explanation: Privacy is another name for confidentiality. Accuracy, consistency, and trustworthiness describe integrity of data.

What service determines which resources a user can access?

Authorization services determine which resources users can access, along with the operations that users can perform, as shown in Figure 2. Some systems accomplish this by using an access control list, or an ACL. Authorization can also control when a user has access to a specific resource.

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