Question: What are your concerns?

Question: What are your concerns?

What is your concern Meaning?

1: a feeling of worry or care about a person or thing concern for the poor a cause for concern. 2: something that causes worry or is regarded as important The students’ safety is her main concern. 3: something that relates to or involves a person: affair This is not your concern.

How do you use concern in a sentence?

Don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you. My prime concern is to protect my property. The noise would have provoked alarm and neighbourly concern. Quite rightly, the environment is of great concern. Thank you for your concern. Provision of shelter was their main concern.

Is there any concern Meaning?

a matter that engages a person’s attention, interest, or care, or that affects a person’s welfare or happiness: The party was no concern of his. worry, solicitude, or anxiety:to show concern for someone in trouble. important relation or bearing: This news is of concern to all of us.

Are concern or are concerned?

As verbs the difference between concern and concerned is that concern is (label) to relate or belong to; to have reference to or connection with; to affect the interest of; to be of importance to while concerned is (concern ).

How do you show concern?

6 Ways to Show You Care Do It, Don’t Say It. Refuse to Argue and Pick Your Battles. Apologize Often, Even If You’re Not Wrong. Do Something Unexpected. Sharing is Caring. Wake Every Morning with An Appreciation for The Other Person.

How do you use concern?

“The storm caused growing concern.” “She has genuine concern for her friends.” “He has great concerns about his future.” “Affordable healthcare is a national concern.”

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How do you say thanks for concern?

If it’s happening for a long time then you can say, thank you for the concern you have for me. Less formal phrases might be: Thank you for being concerned. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for thinking about me. Thanks for caring.

How do you use raise concern in a sentence?

raise concern in a sentence A weaker yen rattles investors, raising concern on imported inflation. The shakeup itself did not appear to raise concerns among investors. The order raised concerns about U. Electricidad’s financial situation is increasingly raising concern among investors.

Who is the concern person?

‘The person concerned ‘ means the person involved in the matter you are talking about.

What means main or top concern?

vb tr. 1 to relate to; be of importance or interest to; affect. 2 usually foll by: with or in to involve or interest (oneself) he concerns himself with other people’s affairs.

What is the meaning of thanks for your concern?

” Thanks for your concern ” means ” Thanks for worrying about me.”

What does cause for concern mean?

The idiom a cause for concern means “a reason to feel anxiety.”

What’s another word for concern?

Some common synonyms of concern are anxiety, care, solicitude, and worry.

What does no concern mean?

: not something one is responsible for or involved in Her affairs are not my concern. That’s no concern of yours.

What does dear concern mean?

” Dear concern ” would (to me) mean ” Dear company” (wrong) whereas ” Dear concerned ” would rather fit the purpose, as actually is an ellipsis, leaving out the word “addressees” or “persons” or something like this. However, when actively writing to an unknown person, I´d always use To Whom It May Concern.

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