Question: Giorgio moroder flashdance… What a feeling?

Question: Giorgio moroder flashdance… What a feeling?

What a feeling oscar?

Academy Awards, USA 1984

Winner Oscar Best Music, Original Song Giorgio Moroder (music) Keith Forsey (lyrics) Irene Cara (lyrics) For the song “Flashdance What a Feeling “.
Nominee Oscar Best Film Editing Bud S. Smith Walt Mulconery
Best Music, Original Song Michael Sembello Dennis Matkosky For the song “Maniac”.

What a feeling instruments used?

The backing track is powered by a LM-1 drum machine, programmed by Richie Zito, who also played guitar on the track. Producer Giorgio Moroder was an early adopter of the LM-1, which was the first programable unit to use real drum samples instead of synthesized sounds. “Maniac” also used the device.

What movies has the song What a feeling in it?

Irene Cara’s song “ Flashdance (What a Feeling)”, from the Flashdance movie soundtrack, goes to the top of the U.S. pop charts on May 28, 1983. “ Flashdance (What a Feeling)” was not the first hit song from a movie soundtrack for Irene Cara, whose star was launched by the 1980 film Fame.

What songs were in the movie Flashdance?

Who wrote what a feeling?

Is what a feeling by one direction on the charts?

“What a Feeling ” has been put on the US iTunes chart and the top 200 of the UK iTunes chart thanks to the fans efforts. This idea came after fans got Louie Tomlinson’s album to the top of the charts last month. Go stream “What a Feeling ” on Spotify or Apple Music now!

When was what a feeling released?

Where is Irene Cara now?

Cara lives in Florida and works with her band Hot Caramel.

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What genre is what a feeling?

Who sings what a feeling?

How many streams does what a feeling have on Spotify?

100 most-streamed songs

Rank Song Streams (millions)
62 “7 Years” 1,192
63 “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” 1,180
64 “I Like It” 1,171
65 “Stitches” 1,169

Who sings maniac?

Did JLO Dance in Flashdance?

While coming up with ideas for the video, Lopez’s sole vision was to dance solo, without back-up dancers or assistance. She hired David LaChapelle to direct, and he then came up with the idea to recreate the film Flashdance (1983).

How old is Jennifer Beals now?

What fashion fad did the 1983 film Flashdance make popular?

addition, “Flashdance” launched a 1980s fashion sensation: a torn sweatshirt, worn off-the-shoulder. Beals inadvertently started the trend after shrinking a favorite sweatshirt. In order to still get it over her head, she cut a hole around the neck. The look was further popularized by pop artists like Madonna.

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