Often asked: What is the hogyoku?

Often asked: What is the hogyoku?

What is the Hogyoku made of?

The Hōgyoku (崩玉, Crumbling Orb; Viz “Breakdown Sphere”) is a small, bluish-purple orb composed of a unique substance thought to have been capable of dissolving the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow, allowing one race to attain the powers of the other.

Why did Rukia have the Hogyoku?

Why did Urahara put the hogyoku in Rukia’s Gigai?? He didn’t put it in her Gigai. Her implanted it in Rukia’s soul. The Gigai was just to remove her spiritual power so that no one would be able to locate her and take the Hogyoku.

Why did the Hogyoku reject Aizen?

Becaus of the weakening of Hogyoku with Aizen,his power level decreased and Urahara sealed him. The Hogyoku didn’t recognize him as its master when he was weakened by Ichigo’s Mugetsu. The Hogyoku will only lend its powers to one who is strong.

What if Ichigo had the Hogyoku?

If he had been given the hougyoku first his reiatsu would’ve stabilized, then the leakage would’ve stopped. After that his quincy and fullbringer powers would’ve been forcefully awakened and then the abilities of his hollow and quincy alter egos manifested.

Is Orihime a Fullbringer?

Orihime isn’t a Fullbringer and she isn’t anything else.

Is kisuke urahara a bad guy?

Urahara is a good guy. He got screwed over by Aizen, the personification of evil, but it’s worked out for the better for him because now he is able to work behind the scenes, free of the rules and restrictions that were placed on him while in SS. The idea of him being a bad guy is laughable to me.

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Why did kisuke leave the Soul Society?

Kisuke was originally a Soul Reapers captain, but ended up being exiled from the Soul Society after some of his inventions didn’t go over too well with the other Soul Reapers. Kisuke actually recreates the gigai that he was expelled for creating and gives it to Rukia Kuchiki.

How old is Toshiro hitsugaya?

Tōshirō Hitsugaya
Age Appears 10 – 13, but 100-130 in Shinigami years
Gender Male
Height 133 cm
Weight 28 kg

What did Aizen take from rangiku?

Aizen was making his own Hogyoku, so he had to collect a whole bunch of souls/spirit energy to activate it. So he sent his goons to go around the Soul Society and steal spirit energy and souls to feed to his Hogyoku. One of the victims was Rangiku. Gin saw her lying on the ground and helped her out.

Did Aizen lose his Zanpakuto?

The Hogyoku decided Aizen no longer needed a zanpakuto, he fused with his sword and became one with it. He still retains access to his powers as demonstrated during his meeting with Juha.

Who is stronger Aizen or Yhwach?

Aizen is also more smarter than Yhwach. On the other side Yhwach is also very strong. Yhwach has Mimihagi absorbed. Still Aizen gets the edge with his Hogyoku,Kido and an overpowered Zanpakuto.

Did Yhwach kill Aizen?

No. He did catch Aizen off guard and impale him. After Yhwach’s death, Aizen can be seen taking note of his death as the last of his powers were later destroyed. Aizen is still very much alive and is most likely plotting on escaping.

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Is Aizen stronger than Ichigo?

There is a little bit of confusion here with some of the other answers, Ichigo didnt become stronger than Aizen even with Mugetsu. Aizen survived Ichigo’s strongest (at that time) attack, and would have completed his transformation had Urahara not stepped in and sealed him with Kido.

Why does Aizen want Orihime?

Deep down, Aizen believed that Ichigo can reach his level. And to encourage Ichigo’s growth, Aizen kidnapped Orihime so that Ichigo would feel the urgency of getting stronger. The other, less significant (from Aizen’s point of view) reason is Orihime’s ability, Shunshun Rikka, which can negates reality.

Who is the Soul King?

The Soul King (霊王, Reiō) is the supposed ruler of Soul Society who resides in the Soul King Palace and is protected by the Royal Guard. In reality, he is a god that has been sealed, and his existence is tied to that of Soul Society, the Human World, and even Hueco Mundo. The Soul King is the father of Yhwach.

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