Often asked: What is another word for blade?

Often asked: What is another word for blade?

What is Blade slang for?

(dated) A dashing young man. ( slang, chiefly US) A homosexual, usually male.

What is slang for knife?

Shiv originates in British thieves’ slang term for a “ knife,” chive or chiv, dating back to the 17th century. It is thought that chive and chiv are rooted in a Romani word for “blade.” Shiv spread as a slang term in prisons, especially for knives improvised out of material at hand.

What is the Old English word for blade?

The shoulder bone is sometimes called a “shoulder blade,” and a piece of grass is also a blade. In fact, the original meaning of the Old English blæd was “leaf,” and then “something resembling a leaf.” In the 14th century, the word was applied to swords, based on their shape — similar to a leaf or blade of grass.

What’s another name for sword?

sword blade. dagger. weapon. bill. brand. cutlass. foil. rapier.

Is Blade a vampire or human?

A human – vampire hybrid, Blade has devoted his life to ridding the world of all vampires, utilizing his unique physiology to become the perfect vampire hunter. The character has been substantially adapted from the comics into various forms of media, including films, television series, and video games.

What does rolled mean in slang?

[ slang ] Getting robbed; getting ripe-off; getting mugged.

What’s the opposite of knife?

There are no categorical antonyms for this word. Knives is the plural of knife, meaning a bladed instrument or weapon with a handle.

What is it called when you like knives?

It’s called aichmomania, which is an obsession with sharp, pointy things such as knives.

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What does Neek mean UK slang?

neek in British English noun slang. a dull or unpopular person, esp one who is interested in technology.

How do you describe a blade?

Here are some adjectives for sword blade: cold and sudden, thick and clumsy, two-foot, long, narrow, trenchant, animated, red hot, symbolic, upturned, harder, naked, composite, invisible, bloodied, short, rusty, flaming, slim, narrow, bloody, sharp, curved, keen, striking, metal, thin, clean, clumsy, filthy, flat.

What is a blade of grass?

Noun. blade of grass (plural blades of grass ) A single instance of a plant described by the mass noun grass. (rare) A very small amount of something.

What is the plural of spell?

The plural form of spell is spells.

What are good sword names?

100 Magic Sword Names Orcbane. Devilish Dicer. Bisectinator. Careless Whisper. Caladbolg. Heartseeker. Lifeender. Diplomacy.

What are the three samurai swords called?

The swords, that have been in the United States since 1898, include a daisho set: a katana and a wakizashi, two swords mounted together and worn by a mid-level samurai. In addition to the set there is a court sword, bearing symbols that make it a highly unusual piece.

What is the opposite of a sword?

The word sword refers to a weapon with a long blade attached to a hilt and a hand guard. There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

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