Often asked: What does hisoka whisper to kurapika?

Often asked: What does hisoka whisper to kurapika?

What hisoka say to kurapika?

“I’m watching you in your sleep.”

What did hisoka say to?

No one really knows, as it has never been revealed. But a common theory is that Hisoka whispered something to him along the lines of “If you don’t forfeit, I am going to fight the children”, as Bodoro doesn’t like to fight or harm children.

Why does hisoka get turned on?

His sexual arousal is probably mostly derived from the feeling of power. Therefore, he seeks powerful opponents he can fight against. The idea of beating someone and placing himself over them is intense, especially if he sees their potential to be incredibly massive.

Does kurapika win against hisoka?

5 Can ‘t Defeat: Kurapika In case it does, there is absolutely no chance for Hisoka to defeat him. Against the members of the Troupe, Kurapika is invincible, which means Hisoka will have a hard time defeating him in battle.

Who can beat kurapika?

Feitan was the only one powerful enough to be able to fight against and defeat a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader. Unfortunately for him, Kurapika is unstoppable when faced by the members of the Phantom Troupe which means, strong as Feitan is, he stands absolutely no chance against him.

How did hisoka die?

Having been successful in this task, Hisoka dies after fighting Chrollo in Heavens Arena, but revives himself, and goes on a killing rampage against the Phantom Troupe.

Is hisoka married to Illumi?

To aid in the search for Hisoka, Chrollo has invited into the troupe the one person closest to him, Illumi Zoldyck. Killua’s brother introduces himself to the group, casually revealing that he and Hisoka are actually married. Both the Troupe and Hisoka are located inside the Black Whale.

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Who’s stronger Gon or killua?

Definitely Killua. He’s consistently mentioned to be stronger than Gon because of his childhood training (Bisky even says Killua’s stronger and faster, but Gon has better focus and recovers quickly), not to mention Killua’s the more strategic of the two.

Is Illumi killua’s brother?

Still, he holds a twisted and overprotective form of love for his younger brother, Killua; this manifests to the point that he used his Nen ability to control Killua in order to ensure his survival and obedience. Illumi cares for most of the Zoldyck Family members.

Is hisoka attracted to Gon?

In a very warped way, Hisoka may even love Gon (in addition to a possible sexual attraction ). But it is not a love which is likely to end well. Hisoka is a maniac, addicted to pleasure derived from fighting strong opponents and killing them.

Who is hisoka attracted to?

Although it’s possible he’s gay since he’s mostly attracted to male characters such as Chrollo, Illumi, Kurapika, Leorio, Kalluto, and Gon. However, he also likes to flirt with Machi Komacine, which leads fans to a conclusion he might also be pansexual.

What is wrong with hisoka?

In short, he’s a sociopath. As for him being creepy, that’s just his appearance and general demeanor, and the fact that he’s a murderer.

Who can defeat killua?

Both Hisoka and Illumi are a level above Gon and Killua at the moment. Despite the latter two having trained extremely hard during the Chimera Ant arc, Hisoka and Illumi are stronger.

Can hisoka beat Goku?

Hisoka has lots of tricks like strangling Goku with his bungee gum etc so i think Hisoka has the edge in this fight. Hisoka wins, without a doubt. Nen-less Hisoka would beat the crap out of SSJ3 Goku.

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Does kurapika die?

Hunter X Hunter – Kurapika Death.

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