Graveyard keeper who buys what?

Graveyard keeper who buys what?

What can I sell graveyard keeper?

In Graveyard Keeper you’ll collect a lot of resources, rocks, timber, iron, herbs, fish etc. Some of these items should be stored in chests so you won’t have to collect them later. However, some of these resources should be sold. Iron ingots can give you 60-90 coins, herbs and fish can give you over 50 coins a piece.

Where can I sell my graveyard keeper wine?

With the DLC Stranger Sins, red wine – as with most beverages – may be sold regularly, either passively by being stored in the Talking Skulls cellar, or actively by being stored in the Barmans inventory and triggering an event.

Where can I sell my graveyard keeper wheat?

You can sell flour to guys next to the wheat fields.

What does the merchant buy graveyard keeper?

Buy: Baked goods; bronze wine; silver wine; burial certificates; packaged meat; cooked food. Sell: Upgraded tools. Buy: Iron; steel; rusty tools; coal; Shovel II. Sell: Gold jewelry details; silver ingot; grape seed; royal fish; cakes. Comments.

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What is the fastest way to get money in graveyard keeper?

How to Make Money Bury corpses and sell the burial certificates (critical early game). Burn corpses south of the mortuary (need crematorium technology). Sell burgers and beer at witch burnings. Weekly sermons (once the church is open). Smelt silver ingot and sell it to the merchant once per week. Fishing.

How do you get a town pass in the graveyard keeper?

A reward from Snake’s quest. Can also be bought from Royal services, as rightful citizen. Used to enter the town south of the tavern.

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Where is the stamp in graveyard keeper?

You can get the stamp in Royal services – near the church. It costs 50 silver coins. You can also get the stamp by completing a mission for Snake. After reaching 30 friendship points, he will just come to you and give you the stamp.

How do I get science in the graveyard keeper?

Once you have a large stock of Clean Paper head to the Study Desk in the Church Basement. You can instantly decompose a single piece of Clean Paper in exchange for 2 Science Points. I was able to get over 100 Science Points in just a couple of minutes. That’s How To Get More Science Points In Graveyard Keeper.

How do you get wine in the graveyard keeper?

To buy wine from Horadric you must have 2nd level shop unlocked. To do this, you need to sell him a lot of things, do quests for him, and buy food from him. A detailed description of the shop expansion can be found on a separate page, called “How do I upgrade shops?” You can buy wine for 5 silver coins.

Where do you sell alcohol in graveyard keeper?

Alcohol that you want to sell automatically to customers over time is placed on the tavern’s basement crates. The greater the tavern’s reputation (upgrades), the more alcohol sells over time. You don’t need to do anything else.

How do I make graveyard keeper fertilizer?

Quality fertilizer II is produced at the church workbench by combining the basic fertilizer peat with two flavor enhancer, the latter requiring advanced alchemy.

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Where can I buy seeds in graveyard keeper?

Once you’re at the crossroads at the center of the field, turn south and you should reach a house with two NPCs outside of it. The NPC to the right is the Farmer, and he sells the majority of the seeds in the game.

What do you do with stories graveyard keeper?

The Story is the base resource from which all written works are generated. They are technically a complex craft, as they come in three qualities. They can be obtained through a variety of methods, though their only purpose goes towards the creation of notes, the first tier of written works.

How do you get black paint in the graveyard keeper?

In Graveyard Keeper, Black paint is necessary if you want to craft Ink. To get this paint you will need Alchemy Workbench (I). Ink is very useful – you can use it to write something, repair items in the church and to complete certain quests (two NPCs will want Ink from you).

What day does the merchant come Graveyard Keeper?

Merchant visits the town on Day of Gluttony ( days marked with brown icon presented in the picture above). He wants to do business with you. Prepare yourself for quests that will require a lot of gold and valuable resources. Merchant can always be found near The Dead Horse tavern.

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