FAQ: What does ambitious mean?

FAQ: What does ambitious mean?

What it means to be ambitious?

1a: having or controlled by ambition: having a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous an ambitious young executive. b: having a desire to achieve a particular goal: aspiring ambitious for power. 2: resulting from, characterized by, or showing ambition an ambitious film.

What is an ambitious person?

What is an ambitious person? An ambitious person is someone always striving to reach a goal. Through hard work, dedication and perseverance — an ambitious person doesn’t give up. She pushes forward and is determined to succeed.

Is ambitious a positive word?

The word ambitious can be used to describe both positive and the negative traits of someone’s personality, depending on context.

What is another word for ambitious?

ambitious aggressive. determined. earnest. energetic. enthusiastic. resourceful. anxious. ardent.

Is ambitious a good thing?

Studies have found that, on average, ambitious people attain higher levels of education and income, build more prestigious careers, and, despite the nocuous effects of their ambition, report higher levels of overall life satisfaction.

Why should you be ambitious in life?

Ambition boost motivation If you are ambitious, you are also motivated. The desire to achieve your goals makes you motivated and to reach what is unreachable. You are highly motivated to achieve them.

Is it OK to not be ambitious?

No, its fine not to be ambitious. Everyone has a way to spend their life,some are happy with their work and some are not,so they aspire for more and more and become ambitious which is good trait. Life is all about exploring,enjoying a better part of yourself. I believe not being ambitious is a very very good sign.

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Is being ambitious a skill?

Skill is acquired through practice, persistence, repetition, knowledge, understanding, and hard work. Your ambition is your dream, and the accomplishment that would mean the most to you as a person.

Is ambitious a personality trait?

Although being ambitious is a positive personal character trait, being too ambitious can result in negative character traits. Some people may have such a great desire to succeed and are so ambitious to reach the top that they may be ruthless, dishonest or harmful to others.

How do you know if someone is ambitious?

Six Habits Of Ambitious People They set goals but don’t share them. They are willing to take risks. They expose themselves to new ways of thinking. They are focused on execution. They don’t compete with other people. They Surround themselves with other ambitious people.

What Bible says about ambition?

The Bible talks about that type of ambition in Matthew 6:24, warning against greed and the insatiable desire to earn more money than you could ever spend. If wealth and riches are your ambition, you will never be satisfied.

Are you an ambitious person interview?

RE: Best answer to “How ambitious are you ” Be honest and enthusiastic but mainly keen to prove yourself in the job you ‘re applying for. I know that my career will depend first and foremost on doing well in the job I go into. As I do that job I’ll also become more knowledgeable in the industry’.

What is an example of ambitious?

The definition of ambitious is to be very driven, eager and motivated. An example of someone ambitious is someone who sets a goal to break a world record. Hard to achieve.

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What is the difference between ambition and ambitious?

Ambitious is to be greatly desirous such that the ambition characterizes and motivates oneself. In a way, an ambitious man lives to fulfill his ambition; a man with ambition has ambition to fulfill life. Ambition makes our lives worth living. Simply so, is ambition and motivation the same thing?

Is driven and ambitious the same?

As adjectives the difference between ambitious and driven is that ambitious is possessing, or controlled by ambition; greatly or inordinately desirous of power, honor, office, superiority, or distinction while driven is obsessed; passionately motivated to achieve goals.

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