The mayan restaurant salt lake city

The mayan restaurant salt lake city

What happened to the Mayan restaurant Utah?

SANDY — The Mayan Adventure and Spaghetti Mamas restaurants at Jordan Commons abruptly closed Monday, leaving more than 150 people out of work. Employees at the Mayan began hearing rumors about a closure Sunday night, and official notices to managers started going out the following morning.

Why did the Mayan restaurant close?

The Mayan was a 700-plus seat Mexican food restaurant that offered live entertainment, including divers and fire dancers. Jay Francis, executive vice president of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, said the closure has to do with a “tough economy.”

What is the oldest restaurant in Utah?

Here are 18 more Utah restaurant that have survived at least 55 years in business. Arctic Circle • Various locations. Where are Utah’s oldest bars? The Shooting Star Saloon has operated in Huntsville, since 1879, making it Utah’s oldest bar.

Is dine in open in Utah?

SANDY, Utah – Several of Utah’s favorite restaurants have opened up their dining rooms for the first time in six weeks. Others needed a little more time to follow the guidelines set by the Salt Lake County Health Department.

What restaurants were founded in Utah?

Here are five successful restaurants that started in Utah . Chuck-A-Rama. Chuck-A-Rama recently celebrated its 50th birthday. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Despite the name, KFC’s first franchise sits in Murray, Utah . 3. Cafe Rio. Arctic Circle. Tucanos. Enjoy local dining.

Can you dine in in Salt Lake City?

Dine -in, Delivered or To Go! COVID-19 restrictions have changed to allow dine -in at Salt Lake County restaurants but many are still providing delivery or curb-side pickup. As you search our restaurant listings, you can find out which options your preferred restaurant is offering on their detail page.

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Is Salt Lake City Safe?

Salt Lake City was dubbed the 78th safest city in the nation, according to a study by WalletHub. Utah’s capital ranked 97th for home safety , 116 for natural disaster risk and 14 for financial safety .

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