When is the next seahawks game?

When is the next seahawks game?

Who do the Seahawks play in 2021?

Seattle Seahawks Future Schedule of Opponents | NFC West

2021 Regular Season
Home Away
Detroit Lions Houston Texans
Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans Minnesota Vikings

What channel is Seahawks game on Sunday?

The WFT (6-7) will host Russell Wilson and the Seahawks (9-4) on Sunday afternoon. Sunday, Dec. 20.

Game Time (ET) TV channel
Seahawks at WFT 1 p.m. Fox, fuboTV
Bears at Vikings 1 p.m. Fox, fuboTV
Patriots at Dolphins 1 p.m. CBS, fuboTV
Jaguars at Ravens 1 p.m. CBS, fuboTV

Who do the Seahawks play next season?

At Lumen Field, the Seahawks will play the Cardinals, 49ers and Rams (each NFC West will host a home and away game, of course), the Chicago Bears, the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars (possibly with rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence!), the New Orleans Saints (likely without a retired Drew Brees) and the

Are Seahawks done for the season?

The Seattle Seahawks finished the 2020 season as NFC West Champions with a 12-4 record but made an early exit in the playoffs. The offseason is officially upon the Seattle Seahawks. As many 12s are well aware of, the Seahawks games emulate that of a rollercoaster ride.

Who do the 49ers play in 2021?

The 49ers ‘ list of 2021 opponents will see them play the regular six games against the NFC West: Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, and Seattle Seahawks. As is customary, the 49ers will face each of those three teams both at home and on the road during the 2021 season.

How many draft picks do the Seahawks have in 2021?

Seattle also gave up its 2021 third-rounder to the Jets as part of the Jamal Adams trade, so thanks to several draft day and offseason moves over the past couple of seasons, the Seahawks have just five draft picks.

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How can I watch Seahawks game today?

Watch Seahawks games live on CBS.

What time does the Seahawks play tonight?

While Russell Wilson and D.K. NFL schedule Week 13.

Game Time (ET) TV channel
Giants at Seahawks 4:05 p.m. Fox, fuboTV
Eagles at Packers 4:25 p.m. CBS, fuboTV
Patriots at Chargers 4:25 p.m. CBS, fuboTV
Broncos at Chiefs 8:20 p.m. NBC, fuboTV

How can I listen to the Seahawks game?

Mobile: Use the Seahawks app, which is the exclusive way to listen to Seahawks games on your phone. Download the app here if you don’t have it yet. Once the app is open, click the radio icon in the top right corner (next to the refresh button). Swipe left or right to change between the 710 and KIRO FM streams.

How many games have the Seahawks won?

As of the end of the 2019 season, the Seattle Seahawks have competed in 44 NFL seasons, dating back to their expansion year of 1976. The team has compiled a 355–336-1 record (17–17 in the playoffs) for a.514 winning percentage (.500 in the playoffs).

What is the Seahawks record this year?

The 2020 season was the Seattle Seahawks ‘ 45th in the National Football League and their 11th season under head coach Pete Carroll.

2020 Seattle Seahawks season
Record 12–4
Division place 1st NFC West
Playoff finish Lost Wild Card Playoffs (vs. Rams) 20–30
Pro Bowlers show 7

Who did the Seahawks lose to this year?

In the playoffs, the Seahawks defeated the NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles 17–9 in the Wild Card round, but lost 28–23 to the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional round. While they finished the regular season with an 11–5 record, they had just a +7 point differential, their worst in the Russell Wilson era.

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Is the Seahawk a real bird?

The osprey or more specifically the western osprey (Pandion haliaetus) — also called sea hawk, river hawk, and fish hawk — is a diurnal, fish-eating bird of prey with a cosmopolitan range. It is a large raptor, reaching more than 60 cm (24 in) in length and 180 cm (71 in) across the wings.

Who did the Seahawks lose to in the playoffs?

The Seahawks came into the postseason with high hopes, but instead they made a quick exit with a 30-20 loss to the Rams. The Seahawks accomplished a lot in the 2020 season, both on an off the field.

How many rings do the Seahawks have?

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