Readers ask: Kittens game when to reset?

Readers ask: Kittens game when to reset?

When should I start resetting my kittens game?

Around 50 paragon for your first run ought to be good, from a reset at 120 kittens, but it’s more a matter of opinion and how long you can stand to push the first run without the bonus.

How do you get titanium in kittens game?

1 Answer. After a while, you can create titanium with the Calciner building. It is unlocked when you research chemistry (60k science and 50 compendium, to give you an idea when it is going to be unlocked). Of course you can build more calciners or upgrades for the building (which I will not name, for spoilers).

How do you get the Starchart kittens game?

Get more by building Observatories, Research Vessels, Space Beacons, launching satellites or from kitten Scholars with the Astrophysicists upgrade. Observatories simultaneously boost the chance of events and give a small chance to automatically observe them. Research Vessels have a 0.05/sec production of star charts.

How do you get gold in kittens game?

TL;DR: Smelters, Reactors, Magnetos (with Steamworks for more effect), the Solar Revolution faith upgrade, and Paragon are the best only ways to get gold before you get the Geodesy upgrade for your Geologists.

How long is a year in kittens game?

Video Game Time: It takes about 13 minutes for a year (made up of 400 days) to pass in- game.

Who is Bloodrizer?

Hi, my name is WetPaws aka Bloodrizer and I am a creator of the Kittens Game. This place is dedicated for players who want to show their appreciation in any form they want.

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