Often asked: When the game stands tall cast?

Often asked: When the game stands tall cast?

When the Game Stands Tall Is it a true story?

ET is taking you behind the scenes of the upcoming movie When the Game Stands Tall, starring Jim Caviezel. The inspiring film is based on the true story of the De La Salle High School football team which shattered all records for any American sport when they went on a 151- game winning streak.

Who dies in When the Game Stands Tall?

Coach Bob Ladouceur suffered a heart attack on New Year’s Eve 2003, popular player Terrance Kelly was shot and killed in Richmond just before leaving for college at Oregon and the winning streak finally ended at 151 games with a 39-20 loss to Bellevue in Seattle in the 2004 season opener.

When the Game Stands Tall Netflix release date?

The incredible journey of a legendary football coach who guided a high school team from the verge of oblivion to a record shattering winning streak of 151 games. When The Game Stands Tall is directed by Thomas Carter and was released on Aug 22nd, 2014.

Where was when the game stands tall filmed?

‘When the Game Stands Tall’: 5 cool things to know about the New Orleans -shot sports drama. The New Orleans -shot sports drama “When the Game Stands Tall” opens in theaters Friday (Aug.

Who killed TK Kelly?

Terrance Kelly was killed by Darren Pratcher, who was 15 when he fired a. 22-caliber rifle four times at Kelly as he drove his stepbrother home on Seventh Street in Richmond.

Who ended the De La Salle streak?

The team, when coached by Bob Ladouceur, holds the national record 151-game winning streak spanning from 1992 to 2004, more than doubling the previous record of 72. The streak ended when they were defeated on September 4, 2004, by Bellevue (Washington) High School, outside Seattle.

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What is the theme of When the Game Stands Tall?

Perfection is impossible. That’s the message of the fact-based “ When the Game Stands Tall,” a by-the-book sports drama based on the storied De La Salle Spartans, the high school football team whose 151- game winning streak, achieved between 1992 and 2003, remains a national record.

When the Game Stands Tall movie summary?

How many games did De La Salle win in a row?

It’s known as “The Streak” at De La Salle (Concord, Calif.). The 151- game consecutive wins streak has been chronicled on the big screen and in a pair of books.

Is when the game stands tall a Disney movie?

When the Game Stands Tall is a 2014 American sports drama film directed by Thomas Carter and starring Jim Caviezel as Coach Bob Ladouceur, Laura Dern as Bev Ladouceur, Michael Chiklis as assistant coach Terry Eidson and Alexander Ludwig as running back Chris Ryan.

When the Game Stands Tall
Box office $30.1 million

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